5 Books You May Not Have Read

I absolutely love to read, and in my years of being an avid consumer of literature and knowledge I have come across several books that not many other people have read or heard of. I have stumbled upon so many wonderful books that have changed the way I view the world or the way I live my life, so I will share five such books with you.

1. Reading Lolita in Tehran, by Azar Nafisi


Reading Lolita in Tehran is a must-read for people who are interested in the need for freedom of education in all parts of the world and classic literature. This is the inspirational memoir of Azar Nafisi that describes her past as a teacher in Iran and her quest to teach western literature to seven of her most dedicated students. This book brings to light many of the difficulties these girls face every day in Tehran, but also describes the sense of camaraderie that they forged while studying these classic pieces of literature in Nafisi’s living room.

I discovered this book this past summer and it began an enlightening journey for me, where I have begun to learn more about other cultures and their experiences. This memoir has opened so many doors for me and I believe it would inspire anyone who reads it.

2. Becoming the Boss, by Lindsey Pollak


I was lucky enough to meet the author of this amazing book, Lindsey Pollak, at this year’s Annual She’s the First Leadership Summit and was sent a copy shortly after the summit. This book is prefect for anyone who plans to be any kind of boss in any kind of career. Pollak’s specialty is in business, but as a future neuroscientist who plans to lead a research lab later in her career, I was inspired by so much of her advice. Whether she is recommending books or apps, describing how to properly communicate with your peers or employees, or quoting amazing leaders (such as the amazing Tammy Tibbetts, founder and president of She’s the First), she provides a riveting guide to success. And I plan to draft a review of this incredible book for my blog very soon!

For more about my experience at the 2014 She’s the First Leadership Summit, take a look at one of my previous posts:

3. The Host, by Stephanie Meyer


Stephenie Meyer Is well-known for creating the books in the Twilight Saga, but the Host is one of her lesser-known works, as well as one of my favorite books. While she has many fans from Twilight, many people who are not so keen on the series are not easily persuaded to give her other books a chance. I truly believe that this novel is worth the risk. A story about a parasitic species that travels to different planets, living in the bodies of the previous inhabitants and one individual in that species who creates a bond with a group of humans, Meyer beautifully tells a tale of resilience, acceptance, friendship, and love. I was surprised by the extent of my adoration for this book and I believe others would be entranced as well.

4. Angels and Demons, by Dan Brown


Many people have read his most popular novel, the Da Vinci Code, but there is a severe lack in people that I have come into contact with who have had the pleasure of reading this novel.  I have discussed my love for this book in a previous post, describing Brown’s flawless ability to interweave science, art, and religion into an action-packed novel. Being a scientifically-minded individual with a love for art and a fascination with Rome and the Vatican, this book is perfect for me. And the main character, Robert Langdon, has undeniable sass and lack of scientific knowledge that gets better with every read.

If you would like to read more of my ravings about this book, take a look at my previous post:

5. East, by Edith Pattou


I have not met anyone else who has read this book (and I have even been accused of fabricating the entire story by a skeptical friend!), but it has been a favorite of mine from a very young age. Chronicling the journey of a girl born to be adventurous and rebellious on a quest to find herself and discover the identity of the mysterious white bear who took her from her family, East is an amazing fantasy that tells a tale of adventure, family, loyalty, and love.


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